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Confess your faults one to another, and pray for one another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.
James 5:16. (KJV)

Prayer List
Updated February 18,2018

I will therefore that men pray every where, lifting up holy hands, without wrath and doubting.
I Timothy 2:8. (KJV)
email Please contact us with any changes or updates to the prayer list.
Love Stitches - Ladies of our church sewing for "Prayers To Action, INC", for the under privileged
   children of Appalachia
Deacon Lamar Thompson - teaching this month

Bro. Chuck passed away Friday the 16th - remember family and loved ones
Kent Murray - went to ER with heart palpitations; has a leaking valve and high blood preasure
Gary Moore - has prostate cancer
Amy Hendricks Allen - lung cancer
John - (Ricky's friend)- cancer on tongue and in throat - radiation tratments
Ryan Phillips Stewart - (Wayne Kobb's son) making some improvement
Mark Allen's girlfriend - has tumors on her neck - no insurance
Judy Bowie - cancer in her breast and it has spread to other parts of her body; 80% reduction in her cancer
Bro. Joey - cancer has returned; new treatment; Retuxin IV; they will explain it all Monday the 19th
Paula Owens - has breast cancer again
Sis. Gloria - continued prayers; memory problems
Tom Hurst - Continued prayers
Chris Hammonds - out of rehab; needs prayer
Sis. Donna - continued prayer; had a ultra sound of her foot to see about the knot on her ankle
Linda Mitchell - doing much better; still have some trouble
Phil Sanford's grandson Bryn - has cancer
Laura Campbell - leukemia
Terry Adair's daughter, Jessica - has progressive MS; treating it with chemo
Jonathan Flurry - praying about being an associate pastor in B'Ham
Jamie Baxley - continued prayers; had test run, test results soon
Patricia Duffy - stage 4 breast cancer
Clark Johnson - (Diane's 2nd cousin) back problems, continued prayers
Butch Beach - (Diane's cousin) served in Vietnam; suffering from effects of Agent Orange
Bro. Chuck and Michone - continued prayers
Carol Murray - (Tommy's sister-in-law) cervical cancer, having terrible time with chemo treatments, which are almost over
Julia Brys - needs our prayers, seeking the Lord for salvation
JoAnna Murray - had a stroke in 2015, and having other issues lately
Tanya's husband - has a blood disorder
Sis. Diane - continued prayers; extensive arthritis in S. I. joint; physical therapy; injection in S.I. joint March the 2nd
Sarah Mann - (Bro. Lamar and Sis. Diane's granddaughter-in-law) Expecting first baby; she has A- blood type, can be a
   problem if baby has positive blood.
Tristan Mann - (Michelle's son) continued prayers; may have Irritable bowel syndrome; gluten sensitivity and change in diet
Michelle Mann and Family - (Bro. Lamar's daughter) continued prayers
Sis. Lisa - continued prayers
Jack and Ellie Clark - continued prayers
Donna Erwin - (Ellie's aunt) on 4 different blood pressure medicines
Jimmy Smith - cirrhosis of the liver; not expected to live much longer; at home, Hospice
Sis. Rose - continue prayers; blood pressure high and trouble breathing
Bro. Tommy - continued prayers
Kent, Amber and Marlana - continued prayer
McKenzie Ray - the leukemia that infiltrated her brain is back; recovering from surgery and Dr.'s are meeting
    to do Proton treatments
Nobby and Beverly Tajima - (Bro. Lamar's sister) live in Japan and still have radiation danger
Trip Halstead - continued prayers
Sis. Paula - continued prayers for her vision; and encouragement
Mark Allen - pray for salvation
Clifford Tomblin - cancer has spread all over; not taking treatments; pray for salvation
Sis. Juanita Roye and Steven - continued prayers
Kevin and his wife - (Gloria's son and daughter-in-law) pray for their salvation

Unspoken requests and our friends, enemies, and loved ones who need salvation
Pastor Elder Joey Miller and Family
Bro. Conrad Murrell
Mt. Zion Bible Church - Word of Truth broadcast - Sunday 7:00 AM (CDT) - WTLS 1300-AM
    listen on Sunday Morning at 7:00 (CDT) on the web at 1300wtls.com In Tallassee, Alabama
Work in Mexico
Adullam House

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