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"...they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched
the scriptures daily, whether those things were so." Acts 17:11.

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Thompson Trio - from the mid 70's

Pastor: Elder Joey Miller
Pastor: Elder Joey Miller (Became pastor 09/26/2004)
What We Believe
Benjamin Warfield's Statement Of Faith
Prayer List.

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Today's Grace Gem
Prayer for Our Nation

Sermons by former Pastor Reggie Roye,
Who went home to be with the Lord 5/31/2012

Mike Easteridge sings -
Something About That Name

Flight Final - A Dramatic Comparison To Death by Forrest McCullough - 1965 (29 min 51 sec.)

§    "Love Stitches" A Sewing Ministry    §
For "Prayers To Action, Inc."
for the children in the Appalachian Mountain Region

§    Some Resources For Your Spiritual Encouragement And Growth    §

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Articles and Books

Articles in "html" for reading on your computer

Authur W. Pink's Salvation From The Pleasure Of Sin - HTML - Word97 - PDF  |   The Path Of Tribulation - HTML - Word97 - PDF
My True Identity In Christ - HTML - Word97 - PDF
Bob Ross The Killing Effects of Hyper-Calvinism - HTML - Word97 - PDF
A Guide to Godly Disputation  |  Acceptance With God  |  Altar-Call Evangelism  |  What is Calvinism?  |  Christian Training of Children  |  A New Years Gift  |  What Is A Biblical Christian
Ultimate Questions by John Blanchard (Note - this article is located on website)   |  The Immoral Woman by Henry Ward Beecher, 1849
The Ministry Of The Spirit by A. J. Gordon  |  

Since Kindles are growing in number I have put up articles that you can send to your Kindle address. Since reading on the Kindle is much better than online.

Articles and books in MS Word (.doc) format that can be sent to your Kindle email address.
    If you have a different e-reader, email me to let me know if you can send MS Word file to your e-reader email address. Some have an active 'Table of Contents,' on the first, second or third page, but they
         are not recognized by the 'Go To' option on the Kindle
Right click on each file and select to save to your computer and then send to your Kindle address.
I will also post, over time, the articles and book in PDF format for those without Kindles to read online or download to your computer.

    new John MacDuff's 30 Day Devotional The Mind Of Jesus - Word 97 - PDF
    Albert Martin's Validating the Gospel in Modesty - Word 97 - PDF - Also is in audio MP3 right click and download the audio file if you would rather listen than read.
    Conrad Murrell's Articles On The Psalms Bread From The Book - Word 97 - PDF with clickable index. (Highly recommended.)
    Authur W. Pink's The Sovereignty Of God - Word 97 - PDF | Salvation From The Pleasure Of Sin - Word97 - PDF
    Andrew Murray's Absolute Surrender And Other Address - Word 97 - PDF  |  Abide In Me - Word 97 - PDF - Highly Recommended
    Martin Luther's Commentary on Galations - Word 97 - PDF
    Thomas Brooks's book Mute Christian Under The Smarting Rod - Word 97 - PDF - "I was dumb, I opened not my mouth; because thou didst it." Psalm 39:9 (KJV) A Christian
                with an Olive Leaf in his mouth, when he is under the greatest afflictions, the sharpest and sorest trials and troubles, the saddest and darkest Providences and changes.
                With answers to diverse questions and objections that are of greatest importance, all tending to win and work souls to be still, quiet, calm and silent under all changes that have,
                or may pass upon them in this world. "The Lord is in his Holy Temple, let all the earth keep silence before him." Hab. 2.20.

    John Gill's "A Body of Doctrinal Divinity"
        Book 6 - Of the Blessings of Grace, and the Doctrines of It.
                <> Chapter 1 - Of Redemption By Christ - Word 97 - PDF
                <> Chapter 11 - Of Regeneration - Word 97 - PDF
                <> Chapter 14 - Of Santification - Word 97 - PDF

    Newman Hall's article Following Jesus - Word 97 - PDF
    C H Spurgeon's sermon The Remembrance Of Christ - Word 97 - PDF A Communion sermon
    C H Spurgeon's sermon A Defense Of Calvinism - Word 97 - PDF - Also included is his "Misrepresentations OF True Calvinism Cleared Away"
    Horatius Bonar's article The Surety's Cross - Word 97 - PDF - Highly recommended, very enlightening and encouraging
    A W Pink's book Why Four Gospels - Word 97 - PDF
    J C Ryle's book Repentance - Word 97 - PDF)
    Austin Phelps' The Still Hour or Communion With God - Word 97 - PDF) a very good book on effectual prayer
    Newman Hall's "It Is I" or "The Voice Of Jesus In The Storm" - Word 97 - PDF
    J R Miller's Turning Northward - Word 97 - PDF - Deuteronomy 2:1-3 Then we turned, and took our journey into the wilderness by the way of the Red sea, as the LORD spake unto me: and we
                compassed (circled around) mount Seir many days. And the LORD spake unto me, saying, Ye have compassed (circled around) this mountain long enough: turn you northward.

These following have not been converted to PDF

    J C Ryle's The Lord's Supper - Word 97 Taken from his book "Practical Religion" chapter 6 titled "Going to the Lord's Table." Highly recommended
    Robert Hawker's Poor Man's Morning and Evening Portion - Word 97 12 month Devotional
    James Smith's The Attributes Of God - Word 97
    Andrew Jukes - The Names Of God
    Albert Martin - What Is A Biblical Christian  |  Thomas Watson - A Divine Cordial |
    Andrew Murray - Absolute Surrender And Other Address | With Christ In The School Of Prayer
    John MacDuff - The Rainbow In The Clouds - A 31 day devotional | The Great Journey - an allegory simular to Pilgrim's Progress | A Book Of Private Prayer For Morning And Evening
    Elizabeth Prentiss, her journal - Stepping Heavenward - "This book will serve as a guide for the Christian woman who desires to leave behind the dull, dry indifference of spiritual
                mediocrity to discover the rich, deep joy of knowing Jesus more fully." - Joni Eareckson Tada
    Rev. Legh Richmond, M. A. - The Dairyman's Daughter
Sermon by Albert Martin - Validating the Gospel in Modesty  |  Henry Ward Beecher, 1849 The Immoral Woman
James Smith - Great Searchings Of Heart - Highly recommended
Timothy Shay Arthur - Advice To Young Ladies

Books - Short Stories by Timothy Shay Arthur

Timothy Shay Arthur, stories/books good for character building - in Microsoft .doc format to sent to your "Kindle email address"

    The Allen House   |  The Angel And The Demon   |  The Book Of Memory   |  The Darlington's   |  The Temptation
    After The Storm  |  Out In The World - These 2 books deal with an insensitive husband and a wife that will not submit to her husband from a fear she will be no more than a slave and not his equal
    A Trilogy - The Maiden - The Wife - The Mother the ideal Daughter and Father and Mother
    Married And Single - Marrying And Not Marrying Contrasted  |  Sweethearts And Wives - Before and After Marriage
    The Iron Rule or, Tyranny In The Household - An Overbearing Father
    Rising In The World- A Tale for the Rich and Poor - Illustrating integrity of purpose, and high moral principle in life.
    Our Neighbors In The Corner House  |  Lovers And Husbands - A Story Of A Married Life   |  Temptation Resisted - short story - A boy tempted to skip a day from school
    The Withered Heart - "Hearts are daily broken, and spirits crushed; While he who slays, destroys in safety."
    Trial And Triumph - "This is one of the very best he has written, and a copy of it should be in every family and household in the land, for no one, either old or young, can
            read it without profiting by it." Editor, 1855
    The Emancipated Wife - "Recommended reading for all wives" - Grace Gems  |  In The Way Of Temptation  |  The Divorced Wife
    Fruits Of Sorrow - A short story.  |  The Shoemaker's Daughters
    The Two Wives - The story is intended to show the power of tender, earnest, self-forgetting love, in winning back from the path of danger a husband whose steps have strayed,
                      and who has approached the very brink of ruin; and, by contrast, to exhibit the sad consequences flowing from a lack of these virtues under like circumstances.


Sermons by Pastor Elder Joey Miller - Pastor of Berean Baptist Church
updateMartin Lloyd-Jones - Over 1600 sermons you can download for free
Sermons by Elder Thomas Waters - Pastor of Emmanuel Baptist Church in Jesup, GA
Christian - A very good place to buy books.
Grace Gems - free devotional material, free books to download, daily devotional in your email
Bro. Conrad's Sermons - at Gospel Bearers
Sermon - Excellent place for some good sound preaching. - Classic Articles and Resources of the Historic Christian Faith
Sermons by Elder Reggie Roye - Former pastor of Berean Baptist Church
Sermons by Conrad Murrell - from Bentley, Louisiana. Sermons preached at our church
The Baptist Standard Bearer, Inc. - predominantly publishes material that focuses upon
      the identity, history and theology of the evangelical Baptist churches.
Lamar and Diane - Singing
Lamar and Diane's Home On The Web - (Diane's poems; some poems and a diary written during
     her bout with breast cancer)
Grace To You - John MacArthur
Mt Zion Bible Church - Sign up for the free Grace Broadcaster. Lot's of good resources
The Baptist Puritan - rediscovering our biblical heritage

Sermons and Songs from Berean Baptist Church

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Date Songs   Speaker                        Sermons

      "Studies In Romans" - by Pastor Joey Miller - Continued
March 26,2017 Little Is Much
Victory In Jesus
Elder Joey Miller - 141 - The Ultimate Security (P1) - The Infallible Guarantee Of Glory -
                                         The Certainty And Extent (P1) Of Security - Rom. 8:28
March 19,2017 I Know Whom I Have Believed
I Will Sing Of My Redeemer
Elder Joey Miller - 140 - Spirit Guarantees Our Glory (P2) - The Inexpressible Groans Of Glory -
                                         The Groaning Of The Spirit - Rom. 8:26-27
March 12,2017 Open My Eyes
More About Jesus
Elder Joey Miller - 139 - Spirit Guarantees Our Glory (P2) - The Inexpressible Groans Of Glory -
                                         The Groaning Of Believers (P2) - Rom. 8:23-25
March 05,2017 Blessed Redeemer
He Lives
Elder Joey Miller - 138 - Spirit Guarantees Our Glory (P2) - The Inexpressible Groans Of Glory -
                                         The Groaning Of Believers (P1) - Rom. 8:23-25
February 26,2017 Blessed Assurance
It Is Well With My Soul
Elder Joey Miller - 137 - Spirit Guarantees Our Glory (P2) - The Inexpressible Groans Of Glory -
                                         The Groaning Of Creation - Rom. 8:19-22
February 19,2017 BrethrenWeHaveMetToWorship
Come, Holy Spirit
Elder Joey Miller - 136 - Spirit Guarantees Our Glory (P1) - The Incomparable Gain Of Glory -
                                         The Comparison Of Glory - Rom. 8:18
February 12,2017 Come Thou Fount
There Shall Be Showers Of Blessings
Elder Joey Miller - 135 - Spirit Guarantees Our Glory (P1) - The Incomparable Gain Of Glory -
                                         The Proof Of Glory - Rom. 8:17
January 29,2017 Blessed Redeemer
Elder Joey Miller - 133 - Spirit Guarantees Our Glory (P1) - The Incomparable Gain Of Glory -
                                         The Heirs and Source Of Glory - Rom. 8:17
January 22,2017 Higher Ground Because He Lives Elder Joey Miller - 132 - Spirit Guarantees Our Glory (P1) - The Incomparable Gain Of Glory - Rom. 8:17
January 15,2017 Praise Him! Praise Him! Redeemed Elder Joey Miller - 131 - Life In The Spirit (P3) - Assured By The Spirit - Rom. 8:16
January 08,2017 The Church's One Foundation How Firm A Foundation Elder Joey Miller - 130 - Life In The Spirit (P3) - Access To God - Rom. 8:15

January 1,2017 I Know Whom I Have Believed Because He Lives Deacon Lamar Thompson -#28 - Be Strong In The Lord - Eph. 6:10-12

Sermons by Pastor Elder Joey Miller for This year and previous years


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